Welcome to the RUSU page of the University of Reading’s Chemistry Society!


We are an easy going, friendly society where students' love for chemistry is shared. It is a must to join for Chemistry students to keep involved with Reading's Chemistry department, but anyone is welcome. Throughout the year we have exciting socials including nights out, chilled non-drinking socials and our two annual formals that always go down a treat.

Freshers 2019/20, be sure to join the general group for your year of chemists. This is a great and easy to way to find out more about the people you will be with for your first year, and a place to ask any of the questions you may have no matter how strange you think they may be - university is a whole new life. 

We have been given permission to sell Department of CHEMISTRY LANYARDS! Message us for more information!

A massive thank you to everyone that came to the Spring formal at Carluccios! We are excited to announce our NEW COMMITTEE! 

We're now sponsored by the Royal Society of Chemistry (as of August 2019)!

For all things ChemSoc, take a look at our website and Social Media:





White T-shirt Bar Crawl 2017

Chemsoc Committee members

Meet your committee

Eleanor Carter (President 

Nayeema Babul (Secretary)

Akash Singh (Treasurer)

Jemma Harding (Welfare)

Alastair Masson (Social Sec.)


  • Chemistry Student membership£5.15
  • Chemistry Society Non student membership£10.15




We are not currently running any events through our webpage.


No elections are currently running.

Committee members

President - Covid Officer

Secretary - Covid Officer

Treasurer- Covid Officer

Welfare Representative - Covid Officer