Welcome to the Reading University Vegetarian and Vegan Society! Vegsoc welcomes anyone interested in a veg*n lifestyle, from omnivores adopting more cruelty-free habits to lifelong vegetarians and dedicated vegans.
We aim to create a supportive community that helps its members explore different food and lifestyles, share each other’s tips and recipes and participate in campaigns and fundraising events that benefit our cause. We provide a forum for discussion on animal welfare, nutrition and the ethics of consuming animals. Events include food-based socials (picnics, cooking competitions, meals out), but the society is not just about eating food. This year we’d also like to organize trips to VegFest, yoga nights, film screenings and we are always open to suggestions from our members!
Please join our Facebook group for the latest veggie news and info on our future events!



  • Vegan & Vegetarian Student Membership£3.15
  • Vegan and Vegetarian non-student membership£5.15




Freshers' Picnic
Behind Palmer Building
Bring your favourite veggie snacks!
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