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We are a social group aimed at people with ASD or other disabilites that affect socialsing (such as ADHD or social anxiety). The society is open for those with these conditions who either have it or are in the process of getting diagnosed (we don't need any official diagnosis, we understand the complications behind getting those). 

We meet up, chat and discuss our interests, films and zombie survival plans in a range of environments (from quiet, closed off rooms in Edith Morley to quiz nights in the Mojo's bar in RUSU.

In our frequent Edith Morley meetings, we play games (such as Cards Against Humanity), talk about the past weeks and what excites or stresses us about the weeks to come.

Above all else, we try to build a place where everyone can just be themselves, without judgement or worry, and be able to escape from the stresses of uni life!

In the upcoming year we are planning to run film nights, cinema trips, pub quizzes, Edith Morley quizzes, and a whole other range of events.


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