Welcome to the Reading University Vegetarian and Vegan Society!
Are you vegan, vegetarian, pecesatarian, flexitarian or just interested in seeing what all the fuss of a cruelty free lifestyle is about? If so this is a great society where we hold meetups, out of town trips, socials and often hit up all the best veggie spots Reading has to offer. Joining is a great way to meet people so why not come along and see for yourself!
We aim to create a supportive community that helps its members explore different food and lifestyles, share each other’s tips and recipes and participate in campaigns and fundraising events that benefit our cause. Events include animal costume socials, pub quizzes, film screenings, picnics, cooking competition, meals out...and a whole lot of eating delicious vegan food!
Our Facebook and Instagram are kept up to date with all the latest news and events. We'll also have a monthly email to tell you all the plans the following month brings!