We are committed to providing a supportive environment for members to bond and grow into a warm welcoming community. Through carefully planned social, cultural and sport events all-year round, we aim to promote a culture of excellence, inspire a sense of community and the development of impactful partnerships amongst members

We are here to:

  • To provide a supporting environment for RUGS members and friends to bond more intimately leading to lasting friendships and numerous impactful partnerships
  • To encourage and celebrate Ghanaian excellence at the University of Reading
  • To provide opportunities for personal development and high quality representation for all of its members.
  • To get other students to know about the Ghanaian culture and build a valuable Ghanaian network


  • Ghanaian Society Student Membership£5.15
  • Ghanaian Society Associate Membership£5.15




We are not currently running any events through our webpage.


No elections are currently running.

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