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Kharis on Campus

Kharis on Campus (KoC) translates as 'Grace on campus' - it is a zealous and passionate Historical Christian society opened to all faiths and backgrounds.

We aim to teach about the gospel in an unconventional way, we aim to embed the Word of God into key people (revivalists) like William Tyndale an English scholar who risked his life to translate the bible from English to Latin. KoC will be like a Christian history seminary centre where we will be discussing the works of revivalists and saints of old revisiting their works and how some were successful in spreading the gospel and how some failed.

The society meets once a week on Tuesday at 7:00 PM to discuss the works of a chosen revivalist, relating it to the bible and how it can be applied in this day and age. Our meetings will have free refreshments and one to one support called 'I am my brother’s keeper' which encourages members to fellowship with others, to check up on each other and pray and support one another.

Kharis on campus is a place where Christians and non-believers can fellowship and learn about Christianity in a different way by learning about the great works of other revivalists/saints and what they were able to accomplish. We believe it will be encouraging and empowering to study the great works that these revivals have accomplished, and truly motivating for their Christian walk.



Membership for Kharis on Campus is free!


Dates and Times:

We hold service EVERY Tuesday at 7 PM on ZOOM.


"KoC has definitely been the highlight of my whole university experience: Before I came to Kharis I had issues with mental health and was trapped in the customs of world,

but since coming to Kharis I’ve developed such an amazing relationship with God through Christ Jesus and it has changed my life completely. I’m so much more confident and stronger. Not only have I gained amazing friends, but Kharis has also taught me how to be a true ambassador for Christ."Jesse 


“KoC has been such a blessing! I've made great friends and being part of this fellowship has helped me improve my walk with Christ" - Emilie


“Joining KoC while at University was hands down the best decision I could have ever made ! Not only have I made a lifetime of friends but I have learnt so much about the gospel and the revivalists who have played a hand in spreading it.

I received Christ while at KoC and I can’t wait to continue sharing everything I learnt there with others around me!" - Oyin 


"Kharis on campus has literally changed my life! I have learnt so many things in KoC, such as the importance of prayer, quiet time, thanksgiving and what it truly means to have faith. KoC has helped me to live out my Christian life in university with boldness and confidence and has allowed me to make so many genuine Christian friends" - Nicole



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