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We are a group of passionate, vibrant and zealous young adults, that seek the answers to our life’s purpose from the one whose name is Yahweh. We are a division of the already established Victory @ reading. Victory @ Reading is a parish of the existing RCCG (Redeem Christian Church of God), a global mission that was founded in 1952 and has a presence in over 190 nations of the world.

We want more students to join us in our discovery as we serve God in spirit and in truth, in him, for him and through him; the one true God; Yahweh.

The Y in the Y church has three meanings that intertwine and work together, just like God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

  1. Y= Youth, we believe that our generation of youths are hungry and searching for purpose.
  2. Y= the ‘why’; our generation is a generation that questions everything, we seek and ask for answers
  3. Y= Yahweh, we believe the answers our generation seek for, lie in Yahweh.

The Y church aims to equip young adults on how to seek for the answers they search for and where to seek for them appropriately; encourage them to align their questions with Yahweh. In addition to this, the Y church aims to help nurture and grow every student’s individual God-given gift, whether it be singing in the choir or spoken word in service. We aim for the equipment and knowledge that our students learn to not only just be spread in the University of Reading, but in their hometowns when they visit home, their current workplaces in their part-time jobs and also their future workplaces when they graduate because the knowledge gained from Yahweh’s word is everlasting and fruitful. Moreover, we aim to help and equip our students to be a better version of themselves in every area of their lives. The Y church works alongside members of Victory @ Reading with mentorships; professionals such as accountants, doctors, pharmacists, lawyers etc advice and work with The Y Church to help better prepare students for the reality that awaits them after graduation through workshops and meetings.

Finally, The Y church welcomes each and everyone with open arms with our mission statement; come as you are but you do not leave the same because you are the light of this world and the salt of this earth. We welcome everyone home because we believe that, we (the individuals; the family of Christ) are the church where the Father dwells, which is home. We know and understand that students must feel homesick or disorientated because they are in a new place in their lives, so we aim to make them feel at home and at peace, whilst helping them grow the confidence to love themselves the way Yahweh loves us all.


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