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Brunei-Reading Society (BruKnights) is not only for Bruneian students, we also welcome other curious students who are interested in experiencing a new culture! This society aims to promote the uniquely diverse Brunei Malay cultures with very strong link to the Islamic religion. Our social events are conducted to strengthen the bond between existing members. We do lots of potlucks and members can have a taste of authentic Malay food for free! Our activities are not limited to only cultural, sport and religious events, we also include barbecues, volunteering and trips to local entertainment.

Check us out for updates on Instagram (@bruknights) and Facebook page (Brunei Reading Society - BruKnights).  


BruKnights Committee

Brunei-Reading Society's (BruKnights) Committee 2020/2021

From right to left: Farah (Media), Zulfah (Welfare), Nur Nuwairah Nudin (Secretary), Irdhina Roslan (President), Syafiq Shariff (Vice-predisent), Izzatun Nabihah (Treasurer) 

Brunei-Reading Society's (BruKnights) Committee 2019/2020

From right to left: Han Shye Siew (Treasurer), Faeezah Hj Md Sufri (Secretary), Nurin Badrina Shahrizal (President), Fadli Mahmod (Media) and Husain Bakari (Welfare)


Brunei-Reading Society's (BruKnights) Committee 2018/2019


Brunei-Reading Society's (BruKnights) Committee 2017/2018

From right to left: Iman Hussin (Secretary), Fathin Ismail (Sports Rep.), Yusri Morsidi (Vice President), Naaim Syafii (President), Azyan Hamdan (Treasurer), Afiqah Zailani (Social Sec. & Welfare Rep.).


Brunei-Reading Society's (BruKnights) Committee 2016/2017

From right to left: Muhammad Hasbur Rahman Yahaya (Religious Officer), Dina Rosdi Amin (Vice President), Nur Syaza Ahmadnawi (President), Aqilah Zain (Secretary), Najrien Juani (Treasurer and Part-Time Media Officer)



Bruknights' Events 2019/2020

BruKnights' Annual General Meeting 2019

Bottom Row; BruKnights Committee 2019/2020. Top Row; Former Bruknights Committee 2018/2019

BruKnights members with 2018/2019 committee


Leavers Farewell Party 2019

Our fellow BruKnights seniors who graduated in 2019


BruKnights' Ramadan get together 2019

BruKnights member gathered to break the fast. This is widely known as 'Sungkai' in Brunei


BruKnights' Annual get together in Brunei 2019


BruKnights' Taster Session 2019


BruKnights' Picnic at Harris Garden 2019


BruKnights' Activity Night 2019


BruKnights' Maulud Nabi Event 2019

Maulud Nabi is an event that honours the birthday of Nabi Muhammad S.A.W


BruKnights' Winter Wonderland in Reading 2019


BruKnights' Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park, London 2019


Majlis Bersama Rakyat dan Penduduk Negara Brunei Darussalam di United Kingdom dan Ireland 2019 (His Majesty, the Sultan of Brunei, Visit to United Kingdom 2019)


BruKnights' New Year 2020 Celebration


BruKnights' Gift Roulette 2020


BruKnights' Chinese New Year Celebration 2020


A visit from Brunei Students Unit Academic Coordinator Officer, Cikgu Abdul Aziz bin Pandin, 2020


BruKnights' Brunei 36th National Day Celebration 2020



Bruknights' Events 2018/2019 

BruKnights' Annual General Meeting 2018


BruKnights' Annual Leavers Party 2018

  • You may also watch the leavers video specially made by the commitees and one of the leavers, Amal Hayati here.


BruKnights' Societies Fayre 2018


































BruKnights' Meet and Greet 2018

Majlis Bersama Rakyat dan Penduduk Negara Brunei Darussalam di United Kingdom dan Ireland 2018 (His Majesty, the Sultan of Brunei, Visit to United Kingdom 2018)

BruKnights' Annual Gift Roulette 2019

BruKnights' Winter Khatam Al-Quran 2019












BruKnights' Chinese New Year 2019





















BruKnights' National Day 2019 






































BruKnights' Event 2017/2018

BruKnights' National Day 2018


BruKnights' BBQ session in celebration of Chinese New Year 2018


BruKnights' Annual Gift Roulette 2018


Bruknights' Past Events 

BruKnights' Freshers Dinner 2016


Awal Muharram 1438 Celebration 2016

Reading University Malaysian, Bruneian and Singaporean Association (RUMBSA) Lunch Picnic in Collaboration with BruKnights. According to the RUMBSA's proposal, the event is RUMBSA's first cultural event of the autumn calendar. The main aim of this event is to provide an avenue to our muslim friends to gather alongside other members to foster closer friendship. RUMBSA hopes that the event will be a stepping-stone for future committees to create for muslim friendly activities. Furthermore, this will be the first RUMBSA activity in collaboration with BruKnights. Our aim with this collaboration is to form closer ties with our friends from Brunei, as well as fostering friendship between members from respective societies.
“None of you truly believes (in Allah and His religion) until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself.” (Sahih Bukhari and Muslim)

Borneo Bulletin Publication: http://borneobulletin.com.bn/awal-muharram-event-rumbsa-bruknights/


BruKnights' Annual General Meeting 2016
























BruKnights' Participation in RUMBSA Games 2016

BruKnights participated in RUMBSA (Reading University Malaysian, Bruneian and Singaporean Association) Games 2016. We have won a third place in mixed doubles badminton and fourth place in futsal game. Not to forget, BruKnights' support for their family members who participated in the game. Congratulation BruKnights!


BruKnights' National Day 2016























Majlis Bersama Rakyat dan Penduduk Negara Brunei Darussalam di United Kingdom dan Ireland 2015 (His Majesty, the Sultan of Brunei, Visit to United Kingdom 2015)



Majlis Bersama Rakyat dan Penduduk Negara Brunei Darussalam di United Kingdom dan Ireland 2015? (His Majesty, the Sultan of Brunei, Visit to United Kingdom 2015) Video:


BruKnights' Freshers Meet Picnic 2015








A Apleasant Sunday well spent with Bruknights' society members including freshers. Hope everyone enjoyed the interactive activities organised by the committee. Huge appreciation to Bruknights' committees for successfully organising the picnic. Of course, the Bruknights' family for their commitment and supportive co-operation. May this bond become stronger with time. No matter the distance, time and situation, nobody gets left behind or forgotten. Because that is what families are for.


BruKnights' Photosession 2015
"Though we are small, our roars will be bigger than the lions."


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Bruknights Society - 2021 Committee Elections

Committee Elections for Bruknights Society 2021-22. These committee roles will run between March 2021 – until the third term 2022.

5 posts are up for election.

Nominations open at 09:00 on Monday 19 April 2021 (in 26 hours)

The polls open at 09:00 on Friday 30 April 2021 (in 12 days)

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