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The Chinese Students and Scholars Association of University of Reading, which is a branch of CSSA UK, is the only official student federation registered by Embassy of China in UK. CSSA Reading is a non-profit, non-political and non-religious student society. 

Aims and Objectives:

1. Helping Chinese students to integrate with western culture       

2. Organizing events and activities to enhance Chinese students leisure time

3. Providing information about travel and food to students

4. Creating opportunities for Chinese students and Scholars to communicate and to exchange ideas


Every activities and events will be accessible and available to all student and staff in University of Reading. Our group would keep a close relationship with other societies and clubs to hold event together regardless of the size of other societies or clubs. 


  • Chinese Students and Scholars£0.00



  • CSSA Chinese New Year Gala£2.00


We are not currently running any events through our webpage.


No elections are currently running.

Committee members

Secretary - Covid Officer

Welfare Representative - Covid Officer


Covid Officer