Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.


What does the Sikh Society do?

Welcome to our page! We are a society open to all with the aim to promote our faith’s universal message of recognising the human race as one. Throughout the year we aim to hold regular talks, charity fundraisers, social events and Gurdwara trips in order to raise awareness about Sikhi on campus and allow the sharing of opinions. 

2020/21 Academic Year

The Sikh Society is ready to bring you talks on some very interesting and thought-provoking topics! We also plan to re-visit the past and continue with our ‘Back2Basics’ segment from previous years. This time round you can look forward to talks on ‘The Sikh Military’ and ‘Martyrs in Sikh History’ amongst many others.

Sikhi is all about serving humanity and so we will be partaking in Seva at our local Gurdwara, helping organisations such as Nishkam Sikh Welfare & Awareness Team (SWAT), feeding the homeless, and carrying on our tradition of holding a bake sale to raise moeny for charity. We also have two new events planned for the upcoming year which will promote the key Sikh principles of equality, selfless service and oneness. These events are guaranteed to be the highlight of the year. Keep an eye out for the big reveal!

In addition, we aim to balance the educational side of the Sikh Society with a social side. You can look forward to enjoying events that will bring everyone together. In terms of sports; we have a Sikh Society football team and netball team, as well as weekly badminton sessions. We also hold other fun events, all which you will find out during the course of the year! The Sikh Society will also be joining NISHAAN who organise multiple events such as collaborations with other university Sikh Societies, Seva Day and Sports Day, providing an excellent opportunity to meet Sikhs from different universities in a fun and relaxed environment.


2020/21 Committee Members:

President: Jasroop Kaur Shergill

- Vice President: Reanne Kaur Hullait

- Events Coordinator: Gurjeevan Singh Athwal

- Treasurer: Gurcharan Kaur Matharu

- Secretary: Simranpreet Kaur Rai

- Welfare Representative: Harminder Singh Babra

- Sports Representative: Gurnekpal Singh Chand


Social Media

Email: rsikhs@gmail.com

Facebook: facebook.com/UoR.SikhSociety

Instagram: UoR_SikhSociety

Twitter: UoR_SikhSociety

Snapchat: UoRSikhSnap


We look forward to meeting you!

Sikh Society Committee 2020/21.



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