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Reading University's Games and Roleplaying Society, affectionately known as GARPS, caters to hobby gaming and roleplaying in all its many flavours, from card and board games, miniature wargames, Live Action roleplay to just good old fashioned desktop roleplay. Every year we help complete newcomers to long-time veterans to enjoy tabletop gaming in all its forms. GARPS provides a wide range of resources to cater to your gaming needs in a relaxed and friendly environment and whatever you want to play, you're certain to find someone else who wants to join you!


Every Monday in HumSS 125, 126 & 127. 6-9:45pm


 Board and Card Games

GARPS has a collection of games that are free for all of our members to use at the weekly sessions! Some of the games in our Board and Card Game library are:

  • The Resistance
  • Carcassone
  • Settlers of Catan
  • Ticket to Ride
  • Betrayal in the House on the Hill
  • Pandemic
  • Munchkin
  • 5 Magic the Gathering Starter Decks
  • Monty Python Fluxx
  • Lords of Waterdeep
  • and many, many more!!!!

Last updated July 2018- suggestions (and donations) welcome!

Magic the Gathering fans will find plenty of people to play with at GARPS, with regular members playing many formats, including casual, modern, cube, EDH, and more! Bring your deck or borrow one of ours and play!


Miniature Wargaming

If you are interested in miniatures wargaming we have a wide range of scenery for both fantasy and sci-fi wargaming, all of which you are more than welcome to use! We will also arrange demo games of any of these systems on request no matter your level of wargaming expertise (just post on our Facebook group and we'll arrange everything):

  • Warhammer
  • Warhammer 40,000
  • Necromunda
  • Battlefleet Gothic


Live-Action Roleplay (LARP)

The Society has an armoury of LARP weapons and costume that are free for any of our members to borrow for our LARP events. For the second year in a row there will be a roleplay experience with stories and quests created by members of the society, with opportunities to build a character and interact with other players to defeat great evils! They will be continuing from 12-3pm on Saturdays, at the rear of the students union. Whether you are an experienced larper with magical items and many tales of great victories past, or a beginner wielding your rusty iron sword for the very first time, everyone is welcome to come and join in with the unique experience of LARPing.

Other Benefits of Joining GARPS

There are a load of other awesome benefits to joining GARPS:

  • We're one of the cheapest societies to join. Our membership fee is only £5 for the whole year.
  • We have no hidden costs. Once you've payed the membership fee, you can play as many of our board games, use as much of our terrain and attend as many meetings as you like!
  • We have an arranged discount with our local gaming retailer; Eclectic Games . All society members will receive a GARPS membership card that gives them 10% off all board games, RPG sourcebooks and models when you go into town and buy from Eclectic Games.

So if you're not already convinced that GARPS is the best society on campus, why not drop into a meeting and try it out, post on our facebook page to find a gaming partner or look for us at the Freshers' Fair in September! (We're easy to spot, just look for someone wearing armour!)


  • Games and Role Play (GARPS) Student Membership£5.15
  • Games and Role Play (GARPS) Non-Student Membership£5.15




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