Welcome to the University of Reading Chess Society's homepage!  


Congratulations to getting a place in the University of Reading. We cannot wait to welcome you in our University and our Chess Society! 

We run sessions every Tuesday 6.30-9.30pm. Chess games and free refreshments! Non-students also welcome. 

For Autumn term 2019 chess will be held in Edith Morely 175. 


Chess Society was set up in the Summer of 2014 and we had a warm welcome from the students, gaining members from different courses and even outside the University.

We are an award-winning society with the aim to give a platform to students where they can both play and learn chess.  We cater for players of all levels from absolute beginners to advanced competitors. We provide chess boards, clocks and free drinks and refreshments every session.

We hold two socials every term: often a meal out, a quiz night or a board games night. 


Well done to our team who competed in the Southern Chess Championships in February 2016! Also recently we competed in the 2017 20/20 Grand Final in which we came 10th.



If you have any questions regarding the society, please get in touch with us over facebook or by email and someone will reply to you shortly.


  • Chess Club - Student Membership£3.15
  • Chess Society - Associate Membership£3.15



  • Chess London 2020 Competition Entry Deposit£5.15


We are not currently running any events through our webpage.


No elections are currently running.

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