Welcome to the University of Reading Chess Society!

Congratulations on getting a place at the University of Reading. We cannot wait to welcome you into our University and our Chess Society! 

UPDATE: Due to Covid 19, we have now moved online until further notice! Join our Facebook group for online tournaments, puzzles and to meet other fellow ‘Reading Knights’! Feel free to also follow our new Instagram page for updates. New members are welcome! ** 2020/21 Memberships are now available to purchase below!**

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/581871968836956/?ref=share

Instagram: @readingchess

Email: readinguniversitychesssociety@gmail.com




Our Society

Chess Society was set up in the Summer of 2014 and we had a warm welcome from the students, gaining members from different courses and even outside the University. We are proud to have received the Gold Laurel Society Award 2019/2020 from RUSU.

We are a society with the aim to give a platform to students where they can both play and learn chess.  We cater for players of all levels from absolute beginners to advanced competitors. We provide chess boards, clocks and free drinks and refreshments every session. Our sessions are friendly and open to all so feel free to drop to any of our sessions if you're interested!

We hold two socials every term: often a meal out, a quiz night or a board games night.

Summer 2020: We have been playing friendly matches against eachother/ other chess teams, sharing puzzles and discussing chess on our Facebook group since moving online!


Our Team

For those who want to play competitively- we also compete at an inter-university level! In December 2019, we qualified for the 20/20 Chess Competition final having scored 3 out of 5 in the London Qualifier and in February 2020, played in a match against Royal Holloway. The club also hosts termly internal competitions for players at the club.

Summer 2020 has been eventful for our Team, who are currently playing online in the 2020 Championship League and the University Premier League (being run by our Ex-Treasurer, James!). Our team is also delighted to have won the 2020 League ‘Fair Play’ Award!



If you have any questions regarding the society, please get In touch with us over Facebook, Instagram or Email and we will get back to you as soon as we can!





  • Chess Club - Student Membership£5.15
  • Chess Society - Associate Membership£5.15




We are not currently running any events through our webpage.


No elections are currently running.

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