The bird society will introduce you to the wide range of bird species found on campus.  
Whether you're already an expert or just interested in learning more about the birds in Reading, everyone is welcome to our events!

Our regular events include:

  • Walks around the campus to enjoy and appreciate the wildlife around us
  • Trips to the Living rainforest, Dinton Pastures and other local nature reserves
  • Bird photography competition
  • Quiz, board game or movie nights


Keep an eye out for our Freshers Events in 20/21!

PREVIOUS Freshers events 2019:

  • Movie/Boardgame night: Thursday 26th of September from 7pm to 9pm (Edith Morley 181)
  • Lake Walk: Sunday 29th September at 2pm (meet outside Palmer)

We are also affiliated with the Berkshire Ornithological club, an external group of avid birders who have given us the option of offering you joint membership with them and the option to take part in the regular meetings they hold in the Palmer building on campus. This membership offer is at a discounted rate so not only would you get access to the events we hold, you will also be able to attend talks with the BOC with no extra charge.

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Trip to the Feathers and Fur Falconry Centre 18/19.


  • Bird Soc Student Membership£0.00
  • Bird Soc Non-student Membership£0.00
  • Bird Soc Donation Membership£5.00




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