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Welcome to the Video Games Society!

Currently we meet up on Tuesdays 7-10 pm in (TBC)

Committee Members

President Andy Sotheran
Secretary Geena Alexandria
Social Secretary James McCartney
Treasurer Jethro Beamish- Cook
Welfare Officer Amy French

Currently the society has a Wii U, Wii, Xbox 360, PS4, and PS3 available for anyone to use, but many of our members also bring with them handheld games with them such as Pokemon or Monster Hunter on 3DS so you could always give that a go as well! We also hold occasional tournaments on various competitive games in a variety of genres.

VGS is a great place to get to know people who are into the same interests as you and so we try to provide a few social gatherings for everyone to get know each other such as going on pub-crawls, hosting gaming quizzes and film nights. We tend to also hold events with other societies with similar interests such as the Anime Society, GARPS and esports. Feel free to come along to some of our events and taster sessions during welcome week to see what VGS is like. All of our events are free during Freshers so it's a perfect opportunity see what our sessions are like, and to get to know people who enjoy the same interests as you.

To find out more, check out our events section or head over to our Facebook page. Membership is only £10.15 for the entire year and is well worth the price! To join, just click add to basket on the membership option that is relevant to you. It's located on the top right of our page, just beneath our logo.

Here is just a small selection of the popular console titles we have at VGS:

Wii U

  • Super Smash Bros
  • Mario Kart 8
  • Super Mario 3D World
  • Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing Transformed

Xbox 360

  • Call of Duty (MW3 and Black Ops)
  • Halo (Reach, ODST, 4)
  • Super Street Fighter IV


  • Black Ops III
  • Rocket League
  • Little Big Planet 3
  • Project CARS
  • Mortal Combat X

We also like to keep up to date with new releases, and so will try to add a few games to our selection once they are released and are within our budget. If there are any games that you love and feel like we should get, we are totally open to any suggestions. Just talk to one of us on the committee and we'll let you know if we can add it to our library. And, if you have a game that you own and would like to play with others at VGS, feel free to bring it along to any of our sessions. We are thinking about going to the MCM London Expo in October this year, so let us know if you are going to be there and we'll come and say hi. Also if you have any questions feel free to ask any of the committee members in person, or post it on our Facebook page. We're always happy to help!


VGS has teamed up with the Esports society to help people meet others at Reading University who primary are into online gaming or can't fit VGS into their schedules!

Enjoy spending time with online PC gaming with friends? Have a look at the University of Reading Esports society, catering towards anyone with an interest in online and LAN gaming at Reading, be it competitive or casual. Currently competing in the NSE and NUEL national leagues, Games featured are League of Legends, Overwatch, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Dota 2, Hearthstone and Rocket League along with casual games like Hearts of Iron 4, Civilisation 5, Stellaris and etc.

Feel free to join our discord and facebook groups with the links provided:



If you have enquiries, don't be afraid to join discord and ask the team any questions.

- Adrian Chan, President of the University of Reading Esports society


  • Video Games Student membership£10.15
  • Video Games Non-Student membership£20.15




We are not currently running any events through our webpage.


No elections are currently running.

Committee members