Welcome to Reading University Labour Society, one of the largest and most lively political forces on campus.

We pride ourselves on being a very friendly and inclusive society. We hope to positively influence the political landscape of Britain ultimately aiming towards a more democratic, socialist future. Anyone is welcome to join the society from across the country; you do not have to be a student at Reading University to be a member of our political movement. Membership is not restricted to supporters of the Labour Party and we encourage cross-party discussion and constructive input from all areas of the political spectrum. 

Britain needs a Labour government that is prepared to fight for people up and down this country. Our Labour government will not be scared to take on the powerful, who hoard our country’s wealth for themselves. Britain needs a government that will invest in people in every community to build a better future for every single person.

It is clear that we are affiliated with the Labour Party, but our membership spans all form of political opinion. Our clear mission is to empower our members to gain a positive grasp of current political affairs. 

Every term Reading Labour Society will organise a range of activities for our members. It is evident that activities for our members include debates, trips to parliament, topical discussion evenings and formal dinners. As a group we will be partaking in weekly canvassing throughout the local area.

Over the next year, our members will have the opportunity to meet experts, powerful policy makers and high profile-politicians where they will learn, question and develop their knowledge. 

Please get in contact with us if you would like to get involved or have any questions. To join Reading University Labour Society please login to this website and select your membership option at the top of this page.

Find us on Facebook where we will keep you up to date on any society news, as well as articles and petitions that you may be interested in.




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