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Reading University Ballet Society 2019-2020

Welcome to Reading University's enthusiastic, inspiring and hard-working Ballet Society! Our society provides skill and performance based dance classes and shows for students who may have never done ballet before, want to pick up a exhilarating skill again or want to continue ballet! 

All our ranges of ballet classes include a warm-up as well as barre and centre work taught by our lovely and fantastic teacher Kasia. We hold extra classes for our national dance competitions where we showcase our hard-work to other universities for the chance of winning our society awards!!!!

Classes take place on Wednesdays in Sportspark and/or in Wessex Hall as follows:

Advanced 2-3:30pm
Pointe 3:30-4:00pm
Intermediate 4:00-5:00pm
Beginners 6:00-7:00pm (Wessex Hall)

Please join our facebook page for more info

Committee 2019-2020:

President: Wilf Kenyon
Vice President: Otilia Winchurch-Beale
Secretary: Lucy Sutton
Treasurer: Louise Thorpe
Welfare: Rachel Farrow
Social Secs: Millie Taylor and Naomi Taverner
Costumes: Elin Smith


Membership: £20.15 (students) £30.15 (non-students) paid online only

SportsFed insurance: £15.15 a year (a one-off payment required by the uni to join any sports club, added to your basket automatically)

SportsPark access: £5 a year (unless you have a gym membership)


Class prices:

*Any Taster Sessions will be free of charge!*

Advanced- £4.50 per class

Pointe- £1.50 per class

Intermediate- £3 per class

Beginners- £3 per class


We hope to see you all! If you have any other questions don't hesistate to contact any of the committee via Facebook!


In the meantime - check out the photos of what we got up to last year! 

Advanced Class



















Intermediate Class

Pointe Class

Beginners Class

Contemporary Competition Squad

Ballet Competition Squad



















One Ground Breaking Show

Various Socials including club nights, formal dinners, cinema trips!


We can't wait to see what is in store for this year!


  • Ballet Club Student Membership£20.15
  • Ballet Non-Student Membership£30.15


  • Ballet - Advanced Ballet Class Fee£4.65
  • Ballet - Intermediate Ballet Class Fee£3.15
  • Ballet - Beginners Ballet Class Fee£3.15
  • Ballet - Pointe Work Class Fee£1.65
  • Ballet - Stretching and Conditioning Class Fee£2.15
  • Ballet Tour Payment 1£110.15
  • Ballet Tour Payment 2£110.15


  • Ballet Society presents 'Icons' (Student Ticket)£3.65
  • Ballet Society presents 'Icons' (Non-Student Ticket)£4.65


We are not currently running any events through our webpage.


No elections are currently running

Committee members


Social Secretary


Costume Secretary

Welfare Representative