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Welcome to RUBLS!

We are Reading University's Ballroom, Latin, and Salsa society

We run Ballroom and Latin classes every Monday, as well as Salsa lessons every Thursday.
Our lessons are open to both students and non-students and we welcome anyone and everyone willing to give it a go regardless of your dancing ability.

Ballroom and Latin Dance Lessons:

Day: Mondays

Location: Wessex Hall Dining Room

Times: 7:00pm-8:00pm for Beginners and 8:00pm-9:00pm for Intermediate / Advanced

Other Info: It's recommended you wear comfortable clothing which you can move around in and will keep you cool. If you have Ballroom or Latin shoes please feel free to wear them, but if not just any shoes you can move around in that will stay on your feet! It is also recommended that you bring a drink of water with you.

Salsa Dance Lessons:

Day: Thursdays

Location: Wessex Hall Dining Room

Times: 7:00pm-8:00pm for Beginners, 8:00pm-9:00pm for Intermediate, 9pm onwards Social Dancing

Other Info: It's recommended that you wear comfortable clothing which you can move around in and will keep you cool. Again just any shoes you can move around in that will stay on your feet, and a drink to stay hydrated!

Practice Sessions:

Day: Wednesday

Location: Wessex Hall Dining Room

Times: 2:00 - 4:00pm

Other Info: We use this time to go over routines and moves we have learned in lessons, to learn routines we have choreographed for shows, or to practice for upcoming competitions. Its a good oppurtunity to practice your moves, ask any questions you might have, and to practice your social dancing skills.

Competitions: We compete at Inter-University and Varsity competitions across the country. Competitions are a great chance to get dressed up and have a fun day out with RUBLS. Its always fun to see how other universities dance, make friends and we find it a really good way to see how our dancers progress. We have had some great success in competitions but our main aim of the competitions is always FUN so we welcome everyone to join us for competitions from complete beginners to advanced dancers! 


We perform in at least 2 shows or showcases a year - one at Christmas and one before Easter - with all the other dance societies from Reading University. Everyone is welcome to join the show routines.


Student Membership = £25 for the year

Non-student Membership = £35 for the year

You will also need to purchase Sports Fed Insurance which is £15 for the year and can be purchased on the RUSU page or in RUSU Student Services. (This will cover you for all sports societies so if you plan on joining more than one you only have to pay it once)

There are many perks to being a member such as; cheaper prices for all of our lessons, a fantastic 15% off 'Dancia International' (located in Caversham) where you can buy Ballroom and Latin shoes as well as other dance wear, and entry to inter-university competitions
We have also recently partenered with IDS, a very popular dance shoe brand, meaning as a member any shoe orders done through us will get you a 20% discount.

Lesson prices:

Members = £4 for one hour or £5 for two hours

Non-members = £8 for one hour or £10 for two hours

We hope you are interested in joining RUBLS! Dancing is a great way to meet new people and get away from the daily stresses of studing and working. We hold many events throughout the year including themed nights out, movie and quiz nights, RUBLS Christmas Dinner and our very own RUBLS Spring Ball!

If you have any questions just pop by and ask one of us (we're normally in purple polo's or hoodies) or drop one of us a message on facebook (you'll be able to find us through the RUBLS page)

For all the latest, and to stay updated with news and events, make sure you search for us on facebook, and join our page

Dance Love x

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  • Ballroom Latin and Salsa (RUBLS) Non-Student membership£35.15
  • Ballroom Latin and Salsa (RUBLS) Student Membership£25.15




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Beginners Ballroom and Latin Taster
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