Get Your Jog On

These routes were designed for everyone, no matter your running ability. You can start with Route One and build up your stamina. Running is great for your physical and mental wellbeing, so get your jog on!


These are the approximate distances of each route, as well as the distances of combined routes.

Route Distance (metres)
Route One 945m
Route Two 1,140m
Route Three 1,750m
Routes One & Two 2,220m
Routes Two & Three 3,200m
Routes One, Two & Three 4,000m


Below we have provided details of each individual route. We also have a map of all routes if you would like to combine routes for a longer run.

Keep hydrated on your run!

It's important to stay hydrated whilst you excercise. University of Reading has water stations all over campus. Make sure you're aware of your nearest station using the University's hydration map.