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The BOAT CLUB (rowing) is one of the best clubs at the University with professional training; rowing combined with strength and conditioning. Although a serious and committed club, there is an extremely friendly atmosphere; ideal for athletes. From GB Trialist to complete novice, RUBC offers you the opportunity to fulfil your potential.

We soley focus on sculling and have fantastic equiplment at out boathouse on the River Thames. 

Several members compete at international level, even the Olympics!  We welcome members of all standards, so why not give it a go?

No prior experience needed to join our beginners squad, just sign up at Freshers Fayre or contact us.

Join our "RUBC 2020-21" Facebook page for more info and check out our website at:

Whether you've got years of rowing experence or never been in a boat before, we know you're all keen to get involved with training so we are starting our pre-season from the 17th August 2020. This will be virtaul (you can get involved from the comfort of your own home) for most but for current students who are still invovlved there will be practical sessions, eitehr way it'll be great. You should join our facebook group to find out more - RUBC 2020-21




On training camp in Banyoles, Spain



  • Boat Student Membership£250.15
  • Boat Non-Student Membership£350.15
  • Boat Novice Top Up£210.15


  • Boat 5 week trial£40.15
  • Boat Club - EUSA Payment£300.15
  • Boat Club - Mizuno EUSA all in one£57.75
  • Boat - UTAH Entry£12.65
  • Boat - RSBH Entry£13.15
  • Boat - 4's Head Entry£17.65
  • Boat Club - Spain Training Camp Payment£500.15
  • Boat Club - Mizuno Splash Jacket Men's£60.15
  • Boat Club - Mizuno Men's Rowing Leggings£36.15
  • Boat Club - Mizuno Kit Top Up£10.15
  • Boat Club - Term 2£85.15
  • Boat Club - RUBC Retreat£80.51


  • Boat Club - RUBC Formal 2020£50.15


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