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What is Caving?

Reading University Caving Club is one of the most unique sports societies at Reading. Most people have heard of caving but don't really know what it entails (we promise, it's nothing like the Descent).  By definition it is the non-competitive exploration of underground passages, but this really is just the start. Every cave is different: crawling, walking, climbing, abseiling, wading through water and sometimes swimming are all part of the exploring underground. It's a bit like inverted Mountaineering - you go down first and come up later.

If you want to find out more about caving, we have a short recorded presentation online, and throughout the year you can talk to our members in person at one of our regular socials or email us directly

Want to try it out?

Events This Term

Everyone is welcome! Just let us know on Facebook if you’d like to come on one of our trips.

Proper caving trips are FINALLY happening again! Thank you everyone for being so patient.

Caving Trips: 


-25th: Surrey Mines Fresher's day trip



-2nd: Swildon's hole Fresher's day trip

-8th: SWCC Weekend caving trip (first of the year!)



-19th: Porthmadog (north Wales) Weekend trip



Weekly Physical Pubnight - Get together off the line to chat and drink lots. All pub night's start on Monday at 8 pm, and end whenever we feel like.



-20th: Pub night at the Monk's Retreat (8 pm)

-23rd: Fresher's fayre sports festival (we're running a booth)

-27th: Pub night at The Back of Beyond (8 pm)



4th: Pub night at Mojo's (8 pm)

11th:Pub night at the Hope Tap (8 pm)

18th: Pub night at the Dairy (8 pm)



  • Caving - Student Membership£5.15
  • Caving - Non-Student Membership£7.15


  • Caving - Non-Student BCA Contribution£10.15
  • Caving - "Gear Shop" - Gloves£2.15
  • Caving - "Gear Shop" - Thick Gloves£5.15
  • Caving - "Gear Shop" - Wetsocks£10.15



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