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Jiu Jitsu is a martial art that focuses on arm locks, wrist locks, throws and strikes, with a large emphasis on using your opponent’s strength against them. It is excellent at helping a defender protect themselves against attackers stronger than them.

Jiu Jitsu originates from Japan. It was initially designed to be used by the samurai for unarmed combat, particularly to protect yourself when your opponent is armed and you are not. As you are somewhat unlikely (I’d hope) to be attacked by a katana these days, the martial art has been modernised to be more appropriate for protecting yourself in the 21st century. As such we train with various weapons you may be unfortunate enough to encounter such as bottles, knifes, even baseball bats at higher grades.

We are taught defences from these (as well as unarmed attacks) by our highly-qualified sensei (instructors) in a controlled and safe atmosphere. They are volunteers that teach us purely for their love and dedication of the art and as such we are a very cheap club for the quality of teaching we offer.

We are also a very friendly and social club, with regular events throughout the year to spend time relaxing and grabbing a drink with the people you’ve been training with. A typical social involves a pub crawl or going to a club however we have previously done things like paintball and camping trips.

We understand that martial arts are not for everyone, but it is certainly something that everyone should at least try which is why our first session is completely free (not including our 2 freshers sessions which are also free!) Turn up, see if you like it. Worst case scenario, you’ve just got a free 2-hour workout session, not bad eh?

Training Times

Tuesday 19:30-21:30

Thursday 19:00-21:00


London Road gym-London Road campus.                                                                                                

Training costs

Students: £2 per session

                  £20 per academic term

Non students: £3 per session

                       £30 per academic term

After two weeks a licence will be required at £30.00, renewed annually

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  • Jitsu Student Membership (whole year)£5.15
  • Jitsu Non-Student Membership (whole year)£10.15




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