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Kendo is a Japanese martial art of sword fighting that involves combat with wooden swords (shinai) whilst wearing protective armour (bogu). Kendo not only teaches its practitioners how to defeat an opponent using a sword, but also trains their bodies and minds to have the control, determination and discipline required not just in martial combat but throughout everyday life.


We are a friendly bunch and alongside our usual kendo practices we put on some cool socials for our members and we are always open to fun suggestions and ideas on activities to do throughout the year.


We practice at the Sports Park 8-10PM Wednesdays, in the Dance Studio and have a joint practice with the local club on Saturdays from 12-2/3PM at Kendrick School.

Please contact us through our facebook page (below) if you wish to join our practice!

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Hope to see you there!


  • Kendo Student Membership£50.15
  • Kendo Non-Student Membership£60.15
  • Kendo - Returners membership£40.15




Kendo Taster Session
SportsPark - Dance Studio
Kendo Taster Session
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