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Kickboxing is a great sport for keeping fit, having fun and letting out some anger all while making you feel badass. We welcome all abilities from absolute beginners to more experienced fighters. So don’t be shy to try it out! 

This year we have our kickboxing coach Dimi for Wednesdays and Thursdays. Sessions usually consist of a good CV warm-up, then some technique and pad-work and finally some sparring. We will also add training for Fighters to improve their fitness and strength. 

We provide all the Thai Pads/Spot pads and we also have boxing gloves and shin guards for people to borrow, we also have our own 16ft ring which is a great addition to sparring sessions. If you already own your own equipment, feel free to bring it along!

There isn’t anything specific you should wear, just something that allows you to move freely and something that you are not going to get too hot in! 

Training times this year are:
Wednesday & Thursday 5-7 at London Road Gym

The first session is always free and all classes are included in the membership price (thats £50 for a whole year!).

Any questions or queries, please ask on the wall below or get in touch with us at: http://

Youtube link of light sparring of one of our sessions;





  • Kickboxing Student Membership£60.15
  • Kickboxing Non-Student Membership£65.15


  • Kickboxing Termly Student Membership£30.15
  • Kickboxing Termly Non Student Membership£33.15
  • Kickboxing - Club Shirt£25.15
  • Kickboxing - Club Shorts£31.15
  • Kickboxing - Club Hoodie£48.15
  • Kickboxing - Team Jacket£48.15
  • Kickboxing - Club Pants£39.15
  • Kickboxing - Christmas Formal Dinner£12.14



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