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The preseason dates for the 2019/2020 year will be the 18th - 21st of September, it is compulsory for all returning members of the team. We are an incredibly social and welcoming club. Accommodation for freshers will be provided by returning members, so if you are a prospective student and would like to inquire about preseason, please email the club at: 

or contact the Club President directly at: 

and more details will be provided about specific, locations and times. 





Winners of CLUB OF THE YEAR 2017/18, commonly referred to as RULAX boasts 5 competitive teams and a development squad for men and women

It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned player, or you have no experience at all; we will be keen to take you on and there will be plenty of opportunities within the club to learn and compete! It is the perfect sport for those wanting to try something new at university. We have many members who join in 2nd and 3rd year of university so come and give it a go! We welcome new members throughout the year, so just turn up to one of our training sessions. We are now developing our newly formed women's 3rd team, and men's 2nd team, meaning there is a place for every ability!



Instagram: UoR_Lacrosse

Facebook: UoR Lacrosse Club 2019/20

UoR Womens Lacrosse 2019/20

UoR Mens Lacrosse 2019/20

UoR Mixed Lacrosse 2019/20




Women's 1st Team (Competing in BUCS South Eastern 1A)

Women's 2nd Team (Competing in BUCS South Eastern 3A)

Men's 1st Team (Competing in BUCS South Eastern 2B)

Men's 2nd Team (Competing in BUCS South Eastern 2B)

Mixed Team (Competing in ELA South Division)



Monday’s - 1st & 2nd women's team training 7pm-9pm @ Leighton Park School 

Tuesday’s - Men's 1st & 2nd training 7pm-9pm @ John Madejski Academy 

Wednesday’s - Match Day BUCS fixtures 

Thursday’s - 3rd team and mixed team training 7pm-9pm @ Leighton Park School

Fridays - All teams training 6pm-7:30pm @ Reading Uni Astro

Sundays: ELA East Division Games for Mixed 1st



Players in each team are expected to attend at least one session of Wall Ball a week, or it is to be organised in players' own time. Participation is strongly encouraged, as consistent attendance will be noted and failure to attend may affect team selection. Sessions run as follows;

  • Monday 8-9am 
  • Monday 1-2pm 




President: Suzanna Battishill
Women's Vice President: Sophie Dodson
Men's Vice President: Edward Shawcross

Male Social Sec: Fraser Lindsay
Female Social Sec: Florence Dutton

Treasurer: Elle Hodgson
Secretary: Kaitlin Perryman

ULO Officer: Izzy Matthews 

Male Welfare Rep: Luca Franchi
Female Welfare Rep: Anjola Akeju

1st Team Women's Captain: Olivia Banks
1st Team Women's Vice-Captain: Maddie Atkins

2nd Team Women's Captain: Stephanie Pempestios
2nd Team Women's Vice-Captain: Ellie Hurst


3rd Team Women's Captain: Emily Baldwin 

3rd Team Women's Captain: Anjola Akeju 

3rd Team Women's Vice Captain: Holly Bunkum 

1st Team Men's Captain: Harvey Halfacre
1st Team Men's Vice-Captain: Aled Parry


2nd Team Men's Captain: Girish Kumar 

2nd Team Men's Vice-Captain: Rory Tellam

1st Team Mixed Captain: Will Charters-Reid
1st Team Mixed Vice-Captain: Harry Dobson




2018/19 - Having narrowly missed out on gold by being beaten by Sussex in the Southern Eastern Conference Cup final the previous year, the men were eager to capitalise on their success in the coming season. They had a great start with wins throughout the year, however, minor setbacks meant their victory halted. Nevertheless, they were able to come out 3rd in the league, allowing them to stay in their current Southern Eastern 2B league. The men hope to continue to strengthen their team and recruit talented individuals in order to claim the top spot!



2019 - This year we are proud to announce we are trialing a new Men's 2nd team! The success of the club and the demand for more men's lacrosse has allowed us to start up a new team. Because of this, we are in need of aspiring, quick & sharp-minded lacrosse players to put our best 2nd team out in the field, and to feed into our impressive men's 1st team. For more details of joining, contact one of our committee members.





2018/19 - Although having their most successful varsity to date, the women 1s have had a turbulent year with scores varying across the board. Keeping their heads high, they managed to finish with a respectable position in the league, claiming their place once again in the 1A Southern Eastern Cup. This year they hope to recruit determined players in order to keep improving their scores and lead the team to victory!





2018/19 - The brand new women's 2nd team had their first run out this year, finishing their first-ever season with a positive goal difference. They had a tough start to the season, but found their feet as the season went on. They held their own against Hertfordshire and St. Mary's, finishing a respectable 4th in the league. The team looks forward to thid season where they hope to build on their success!




2018/19 - The mixed team has put an excellent effort into this season. They continued to put a good fight against fierce opposition, providing impressive scores on the board such as a 15-12 win against Surrey. Unfortunately this year their efforts did not translate into victory, with the team coming 5th in their league. However, our mixed team is always looking for new recruits and has an ever-expanding team waiting for new talent to join in on the fun!






Of course, playing lacrosse is only a small part of being a member of the Lacrosse Club. To conclude our Wednesday matches (and hopefully to celebrate our wins across the teams), the club joins and heads out to our Student Union. This is one to keep in the diary as it is guaranteed to be a good night, with the club joining for the sole purpose to have fun! 


After our Friday training sessions, both men and women's teams head down to Park Bark to enjoy a chat over a well lovely beveridge. This is a time where the teams can talk in a relaxed atmosphere, for those drinking and not drinking. It is also important to integrate both men and women's team, as Reading University Lacrosse Club prides itself on its unification of both women and mens teams.


Our fabulous social secs will be providing fun and exciting socials throughout the year. These will include both drinking and non-drinking events, consisting of themed fancy dress and activities. These are not ones to miss as we can integrate freshers into our welcoming teams while having a laugh at the same time! We also go on tour to Croatia every year, which is a chance to take our lacrosse sticks across the world and play against different universities across the country.





We look forward to welcoming you to our club!

Please look below to buy your membership and other lacrosse tickets. 


Lax Love xoxo



  • Lacrosse Student Membership£85.15
  • Lacrosse Non-Student Membership£90.15


  • Lacrosse - Mizuno Pro Tee£22.35
  • Lacrosse - Mizuno Bespoke Quarter Zip Tech Fleece (RULAX)£51.15
  • Lacrosse - Mizuno Hoodie£43.95
  • Lacrosse - Mizuno Stock Skort£13.94
  • Lacrosse - Mixed/International Student Membership£50.15
  • Lacrosse - Mizuno Polo Shirt (RULAX)£23.55
  • Lacrosse - Mizuno Full Zip Jacket (RULAX)£42.75
  • Lacrosse - Mizuno Splash Top (RULAX)£42.75
  • Lacrosse - Mizuno Stock Tech Fleece£30.27
  • Lacrosse - Mizuno Club Jacket£33.15
  • Lacrosse - Mizuno Bench Jacket (Full Length)£81.69
  • Lacrosse - Mizuno Cotton Polo£16.29
  • Lacrosse - Mizuno Cotton Tee£12.75
  • Lacrosse - Mizuno Osaka Windbreaker£26.95
  • Lacrosse - Mizuno Shizouka Track Pants£23.81
  • Lacrosse - Mizuno Skinny Track Pants£21.15
  • Lacrosse - Mizuno Team Cap£12.75
  • Lacrosse - Mizuno Gym Shorts£10.33



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