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 RUPFS is now in its sixth year as a society and is one of the most popular societies that Reading has to offer. Pole fitness is a great exercise which improves your strength, flexibility, balance, and co-ordination. It tones the entire body whilst being a lot of fun. We run a variety of class times and place you in an appropriate level class with options for beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Our Society is now more affordable than ever:

£40 Student Membership

£60 Non-Student Membership

Please note that in order to buy membership you will need to purchase SportsFed Insurance, which is £15 (you only need to purchase this once for all Sports Societies at the University). There is also a £6.20 yearly fee, which allows entry into SportsPark or FREE if you hold a gym membership with them. This will be required to be paid on your first lesson.

If you choose to join our Society, please pay your membership before Wednesday 9th October. Once membership has been paid, you will be required to fill out a Membership Form with your availability, before being allocated into a class. Our timetable this year will be released Friday 11th October. If your allocated class does not work for your schedule, you will have until 12noon Sunday 13th October to email or Facebook message our page to swap your class. Any class swap requests after this time will not be authorised. 

Although we are a Sports Society, we pride ourselves on our Family Values! Our Values include friendship and encouragement within classes, wide varieties of socials and events and our most important Value, HAVING FUN and staying fit! Some of our socials include the classic White T-shirt night, done every year, meet the committee, many clubbing nights and increasing popularity with non-drinking socials such as, board games night and lunches. Some of our events include charity events, such as the coveted Poleathon, professional Photoshoots and guest instructors, famous for their pole skills. This year we are lucky enough to host workshops ran by:

Charlotte Robertson - 16th November (insta: charlottepolefit)

Tiff Finney - 7th December (insta: tiff_finney)

Kitty Velour - 25th January (insta: kitty_velour)

Dan Rosen - 2nd May (insta: danrosenpole)

We also sell our very own kit! From RUPFS branded hoodies, customised T-shirts and Sports Bras and Shorts!

Everyone is welcome to join, regardless of body shape, experience, age, or gender. You do not need to be strong to join Pole Fitness, as we will teach you the correct techniques and conditioning exercises to do the moves.  No previous experience with pole or gymnastics is required for the beginner classes! So why not come to a Taster Session by yourself, or with friends to give it a go! Don't be afraid to try Pole individually, our Pole Family is loving, caring and very welcoming! Scroll down to meet our committee for 2019/20.


Contact us via Email:


Find us on Facebook:


Instagram: @ru_polefitness


Use the hashtags #RUPFS and #rupolefitness to be in with a chance of appearing on our social media accounts


Our pole loving committee this year

President: Jasmine Donaldson

Vice President: Charlotte Abraham 

Welfare Rep: Jodie Ryding

Secretary: Robbie Seal

Treasurer: Jack Maxwell

Social Secretary: Kaitlin Hyde



Guest Instructors:

Kitty Velour

Dan Rosen

Social Events:

Spring Formal

Christmas Cocktails

Saints & Sinners

Joint social with Bellydance & Ultimate Frisbee

Pole love x

Please fill in this form AFTER membership is purchased to be allocated a class:


  • Pole Fitness Student Membership£40.15
  • Pole Fitness Non Student Membership£60.15




Pole Fitness Taster Session 1
Yoga Studio (Room 1), SportsPark
Come along to one of our Sessions, Saturday 28th & Monday 30th September, 2-2:30, 2:30-3, 3-3:30, 3:30-4pm Sign up to one of our half hour Taster Sessions at the Sports Fayre, or message our Facebook page!
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  • RUPFS Rules and Regulations

    Our Society Rules and Regulations must be adhered to at all times whilst at Society classes, events and workshops by all members. These Rules and Regulations are to ensure the safety of all of our members and keep everyone happy and healthy!