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Welcome to RUBOX! Whether you're a competing amateur boxer or have no previous experience in boxing and are interested in joining a friendly society to keep fit, we are the society for you! We offer training sessions for people of all abilities with a focus on technique, cardio, and fitness, in addition to sparring sessions for those interested in competing.

Club aspirations:

  • To provide Reading University students with an interest in boxing, from those with no prior experience through to amateur competition-level boxers, with a platform to develop both boxing skills and fitness. This will include sessions focusing on technique, cardio and conditioning, and (for those are “carded” (medically approved)) sparring. 
  • Pursue opportunities for carded (medically approved) amateur boxers to compete in appropriate competitions throughout the year. We would like to increase inter-university level competition too for the 2019/2020 year. 
  • To enhance girl participation in both regular sessions and our competitive squad. 
  •  Increase the number of social activities and gatherings throughout the year. 


  • £45.50 for the entire academic year

Training (Commencing Mon 16/10/19):

  • Wednesdays 14:00 - 15:00 - Intermediate Session, and 15:00 - 16:00 - Beginners and Boxfit, Both at Reading Amateur Boxing Club in Reading town centre. 
  • Thursday Evenings - Running/Cardio Session on Uni Rugby Pitches (Time TBD)
  • Sunday Mornings - Invite Only Sparring Session (Squad Session)
  • Sundays 15:00 - 16:00 - Beginners and Boxfit in the University SportsPark Dance Studio

Taster Sessions:

Give us a go on Wednesday, October 2nd and Wednesday 9th 1pm-4:15pm at the Reading Amateur Boxing & Fitness Club

Find more info on our Facebook event:

Please feel free to message the page if you have any other questions!

Our committee for 2019/2020:




WELFARE REP: Henry Wareing 

SECRETARY: Mariyan Voykov


FITNESS REP (1): Vincent Basham 

FITNESS REP (2): Tom Lovell

COACH: Lee Hancock


Joining the Facebook group would also be very beneficial, it'll keep you updated with all important information about extra sessions, socials and competitions. It'll also help you link with all the other members of the Boxing Club. Click here 

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Instagram - @uorboxing

Twitter - @uorboxing

Facebook - @uorboxing

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The Committee


  • Boxing Student Membership£45.65
  • Boxing Non-Student Membership£45.65


  • Boxing - Hoodie (Small)£20.15
  • Boxing - Hoodie (Medium)£20.15
  • Boxing - Hoodie (Large)£20.15
  • Boxing - Joggers (Medium)£18.15
  • Boxing - Joggers (Large)£18.15



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