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Introducing THE SPARK, The University of Reading's Student Newspaper!

The University of Reading’s student newspaper, The Spark, prides itself in being one of the few societies across the university with an appeal to all students. Whatever your interests, whoever you are, there is something which The Spark can offer you.

The Spark isn’t your ordinary newspaper: all of our content is written by Reading students with solely our student audience in mind. You can always expect to read current and relevant stories. Our content also covers a range of topic areas which can be distinguished by our subsections of News, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Sport and Photography.

Our newspapers are published monthly and can be found in print across campus all year round. These you can take away to read free of charge. Additionally, The Spark can also be found online where you will also find all of our articles and up-to-date news about everything on campus. Pick up The Spark in RUSU, Cafe Mondial, the Palmer Building, the URS, the Edith Morley Building, the Minghella Building, the Carrington Building, the Library Cafe and second floor, London Road Campus and Sportspark.

This year The Spark are keen to get as many students, from as many courses and backgrounds, involved. So, if you are unsure about joining or writing for us, why not attend one of our socials or writing workshops to get a feel of it. 

Join in!

We at The Spark are always looking for new contributors to add to our ever-growing body of writers. Therefore, if you have something which you are passionate about and can write an article on, we are more than happy to hear your idea to see if it’s suitable for the newspaper. Especially during such a time, when you may be looking for things to do, writing for The Spark is a great idea. The Spark is here to amplify student voices so we'd love to hear from you!

Get in touch through social media, email our editor or send us a message on Instagram and to get involved!

Similarly, throughout the year there will also be openings for new students to apply for editorial and management roles within the committee. 




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