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About Unseen

Unseen’s vision is a world without slavery. It’s a big aim and a big task, but we believe we can do it. By concentrating our efforts on three main areas - supporting, equipping and influencing - we can tackle the issue in a way that really works.

Since 2008, we have been providing support to men, women and children who have been stripped of everything; their possessions, their independence and their hope. And we tackle the root causes through using our vast experience of supporting survivors to train partners, influence policy and develop a strategic approach to ending this crime.

We hope that one day our work is no longer needed. We believe that through working in partnership with businesses, governments and communities, we can end modern slavery for good.


What does Unseen do?

We work in three ways to fight modern slavery:

Survivor support: We run two safehouses for men and women to keep them safe in the immediate aftermath of the most horrific exploitation. We run an outreach project for survivors who are ready to live independently in the community but still require some support. We help survivors to get back on their feet through improving their health, accessing legal support and finding employment. To date, we have supported almost 350 survivors to rebuild their lives.

Equipping partners: We annually train 1,500 frontline professionals (police, border force, NHS staff) and businesses to spot the signs of modern slavery and report it. We also run a school’s programme to give young people the skills to keep themselves safe from exploitation. And we co-chair two anti-slavery partnerships; collaborative bodies of organisations working together to end modern slavery in their regions.

Influencing systemic changes: We run the UK Modern Slavery Helpline – an independent 24/7 service that supports anyone concerned about modern slavery. This includes victims, concerned members of the public or businesses looking to remove modern slavery from their supply chains. Since 2016, the Helpline has indicated 15,000 victims of modern slavery here in the UK. We use our experience and research to impact and inspire transformation across legislation, policy and society.


What can students do to help unseen?

Unseen is really excited to be partnering with students at Reading. There are lots of ways you can help the fight against modern slavery:

  • Fundraise: You could hold an event, do a sponsored silence or hop, skip and run to raise vital donations to support survivors. No idea is too big or small, so get in touch with a member of the Unseen Fundraising team and we will support you with everything you need.
  • Download the Helpline app: Learn to spot the signs of modern slavery and report any concerns you may have through our Helpline app. The app is free to download from any app store and your report could mean the difference between freedom and a life of slavery.
  • Tell your friends and family: The more people that know about Unseen and the work that we do, the better. Let your friends and family know about modern slavery and the great work that Unseen do to support survivors.


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