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CATTs is an acronym for Cancer Awareness in Teens and Twenties Society. We’re here to make sure every young person between the ages of 15 and 24 knows the common symptoms of cancer in young people, so they know when to go and see their GP. Most of the time it’s nothing, but sometimes it’s cancer.


We work towards achieving our mission in a variety of ways, and one of them includes setting up sites in universities across the UK! A key part of who we are is that we are run by students - for students. We know that if you want to reach groups of students, then the people best equipped to do that are students themselves. We focus on trying to raise awareness through innovative and engaging methods such as social media, pub quizzes, comedy and acoustic nights and more. We work with other societies and groups within university settings to make sure that all we do is targeted to students in a way they can easily access and engage with.


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