Unfortuately we have had to close during the latest lockdown. We are looking forward to opening again on the 20th April 2021. Please email the email below if you are interested in joining when we reopen!

The ReadiStreet society is one whose ethos is premised on the belief that our humanity towards others should not be dependent on whether they have a home. We refuse to ignore the basic duty of care we have towards those less fortunate than ourselves. As a society we believe that the most vulnerable in society are deserving of our support rather than indifference and apathy.

As a society our primary targets are two-fold: to raise greater awareness amongst the student body about homelessness and organise fundraising events to support some of the excellent local charities whose work directly benefits the homeless and vulnerable.  However one of the regular events which serves as a focal point of our activities, is volunteering at the Soup Kitchen ran by the local charitable organisation, Faith, found at St. Mary’s Church just opposite from the Purple Turtle Bar on Tuesdays-Fridays from 6:00-7:30pm.

This is a really insightful and enjoyable evening where students can come down and assist Faith in providing a critical service. Students can either assist in serving food and refreshments as well as engaging with some of our guests following service.

We think it is also important that we tell you a bit about the excellent organisation we represent. Faith is one of the most active and established charities operating in Reading dedicated to improving the welfare and lives of the most vulnerable in Reading. As a group we are proud and excited to represent the charity whose 25 years+ of experience on working with the homeless means we can benefit from their insights and expertise. We would like to note that both our society and Faith are open to individuals from all backgrounds and faiths.

If you would like to learn more about Faith and the excellent work they do, or would like to contact them directly, please click in the link below:


We really want to emphasise that we are a student led society who want to hear your thoughts and ideas to help challenge one of Readings, and the nations, most pressing social issues.

 If you have any question or ideas, or would like to get involved with the society or Soup Kitchen, please email us at the address found below.

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