Volunteering Spotlight

Welcome to our Volunteering Spotlight, where we showcase the fantastic volunteering efforts of Reading University Students’ Union members. Each month we will exhibit how different clubs and societies are working with charities to help make a difference in the local community and beyond.

Previous Volunteering spotlights

Sport in Mind

What volunteering have you been up to?

The Sport in Mind voluntary society run weekly exercise sessions for students aimed to promote positive mental wellbeing. As volunteers our role is to take part in these sessions and to help create a welcoming atmosphere for students who might be struggling. This term we also organised a three-legged race for World Mental Health Day with great prizes handed out by the Vice Chancellor!

What is your favourite thing about being part of Sport in Mind Voluntary Society?

Sport in Mind is a very rewarding volunteer group to be part of. Lots of the students that we help may be coming to the sessions because they are struggling to deal with the pressures that we face as students. The best thing is definitely seeing these students come to the sessions and have fun taking part. It makes all the hard work we put into marketing and organising the sessions worthwhile!

Why do you volunteer to help at Sport in Mind?

I volunteer with the society because it’s incredibly rewarding and valuable to see students finish the sessions with a smile on their face. Being a student, I have had experience with mental health problems and known many other peers struggling. It can be a hard time and for me personally sport was very beneficial and its value is often overlooked.

What can Reading Students do to help?

Students are able to volunteer at the sessions and join the committee. In joining the committee you could help with factors such as fundraising and marketing and gain essential job skills for future employment. If you would wish to help out, please email rusportinmind@gmail.com to find out more details.