Diversity and Inclusion

We believe strongly in the importance of equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We’re proud of lots of our work that strives to create a fairer and more equitable experience for our students.

Our campaigning includes lots of successful work around:

  • Decolonise the Curriculum to ensure that the academic experience at Reading is racially diverse and culturally enriching.
  • Never OK to highlight the importance of respect and tolerance in our University community.
  • Knight’s Pride for LGBTQ+ students in sport.
  • I ♥ Consent to raise awareness and understanding about sexual assault and misconduct.
  • Time To Talk to support the mental health of our students.

However, despite all of this we know that we’re not as diverse as we’d like to be as a workplace and we’re actively working to change that.

We recognise that we achieve more with a talented group of diverse individuals, who bring different experiences and perspectives that enable us to represent the full range of student voices at the University of Reading.

We positively encourage applications from all individuals irrespective of their gender, age, home country, ethnic background, sexuality, religious beliefs or disability.

Take a look at lead our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy.