£1million Capital Fund

RUSU £1million Capital Fund

In Autumn 2017, RUSU announced a new initiative - the RUSU £1m Capital Fund. This Fund is a sum of money allocated annually by the University of Reading to be invested into capital projects that will help enhance the student experience. Each RUSU Officer team will be responsible for determining priorities for spend of the £1m Capital Fund for the following academic year.

Latest Update

The 2018/19 Full-Time Officer Team listened to what students said about the disruption to campus life due to large development projects last year, and we came to the conclusion that we don't have to make big changes to have a positive impact on student life. After consultation with students and the University, several short to medium-term projects have been announced below which will enhance the student experience.

2019/20 Projects

Hydration Stations

Hydration and dehydration are often linked to mood and academic performance, which is why it is so important to make sure students at Reading keep hydrated. Single use plastic bottles and paper cups are becoming less and less common, with a recent surge in people buying reusable water bottles and coffee cups. Although this is very positive from a sustainability perspective, there needs to be well-advertised, accessible places for students to fill their bottles up around campus.

Laptop Hire Scheme

Many university libraries provide a bank of laptops for loan to students using the Library. This decreases the pressure on the fixed PCs. Despite the growing ownership of laptops in the student population nowadays, students still expect a good provision of fixed PCs for their use, as they do not expect (or want) to have to carry their own laptops with them at all times and may need to use specialist software provided on these PCs. The provision of a small bank of laptops for student use in the refurbished Library gives more study space choice for students; if they haven't brought their own laptop for use (or don't own a laptop) they do not have to occupy a fixed PC space but can use an individual space elsewhere in the building.

Charging Areas in Agriculture Building

It has been requested by students that lecture theatres, study spaces, and university buildings have more charging points for students to charge their laptops whilst in lectures and/or studying. After looking into this, it has come to our attention that installing more charging points in lecture theatres is not feasible. As such, we propose that more "informal study space" similar to that in the Palmer building foyer, is created across more buildings on campus.

Welfare Benches

There is a wealth of research from leading charities and academics suggesting that nature positively benefits both your mental and physical wellbeing. With an award-winning green campus, the installation of benches around the lake will allow students to immerse themselves within nature and provide a space to rest. This will benefit all students, but particularly those struggling with their mental health, in addition to some disabled students who may wish to walk around the lake, however require a place to rest when walking on campus.

Sports Equipment Storage

RUSU currently supports 60 Sports Clubs with a total of 2842, an ever-increasing number of Clubs. Most Clubs have equipment that needs to be close to facilities, weather protected and secure. We have space behind the SportsPark that is not currently utilised to its potential for our clubs to use. This area will have secure shelving and doors fitted to allocate on a Club-by-Club basis. The space entry will also be converted from its current form of lock and key to an easy access and secure entrance for all our Clubs to use.

Magnetised Door Access (RUSU)

Creating an inclusive and welcoming campus for both students and staff also means creating an accessible campus for all.

Bike Maintenance Facility

The proposed maintenance facilities will be ideal for tasks ranging from carrying out basic repairs such as repairing a puncture to slightly more complex tasks such as adjusting brakes and gears.

Running Routes

Reading campus is a large space that could be better utilised as an opportunity to exercise. Both RUSU and the University are working at encouraging those on campus to become more active and lead a healthy lifestyle. This can be facilitated is by providing routes on campus that are a variety of distances and difficulties, allowing those who might not have considered running, an easy and accessible route to follow. This will be implemented by providing signage, maps and simple markings to clearly identify the running routes available.

Part time chaplain and expansion for Muslim centre

A Muslim chaplain would provide more continuity and remove some of the risk associated with students needing to seek faith related advice from off campus.

Good Lad Initiative Workshops

These are workshops to work with students on consent and on not being a bystander, and training for student leaders including in JCRs and Sports Committees, to strengthen the community both on and off campus.

Positive Mental Health Advisor

This role will continue the work of ensuring students are well-equipped to be mindful of their mental health.

Enhanced CCTV Coverage

Improved CCTV across campus to maintain a high level of student safety.