Trustee Board

Reading University Students' Union is a charitable organisation and is governed by a board of trustees. The role of the trustees is to provide the organisation with direction on major issues.

The Trustee Board consists of:

It is supported by the senior management team. The Trustee Board is the highest decision maker of the Students' Union and has end line collective responsibility for all activities of the Students' Union.

The duties of the Trustees are to ensure proper and prudent administration of the organisation both legally and financially. Read more about the role of the Trustees below.

For more information about the remit of the Trustee Board, see the RUSU Constitution.

Where can I see decisions taken by the Trustee Board?

Minutes of each board meetings are published online.

External Trustees

External Trustees are selected through an application process for their knowledge and experience. They serve a term of office of up to three years and may serve a maximum of two terms, which may either be consecutive or non-consecutive.

The External Trustees provide valuable assistance in the process of setting and monitoring the strategy of the Union.

RUSU's External Trustees:

  • Mark Stoddart
  • Tim Bertram
  • Debra Soper
  • Jack Maddock
  • Ray Ellison

How can I apply to be on the board?

Vacancies will be linked here when they come up.

Trustee Board minutes

Minutes of each board meetings are published here.

Become a student trustee

If you have an interest in benefitting Reading students and learning more about how the Students’ Union and Charities are run, then this role is perfect for you!


Role of Trustees

Trustees direct the affairs of RUSU; ensuring that it is well-run, solvent, and delivering the charitable outcomes for the benefit of the students. The main duties of a Trustee are:

The objects of RUSU are the advancement of education of students at the University of Reading for the public benefit by:

  • promoting the interests and welfare of students during their course of study and representing, supporting and advising students;
  • being the recognised representative channel between students and the University and any other external bodies; and
  • providing social, cultural, sporting and recreational activities and forums for discussions and debate for the personal development of its students.

RUSU Trustees must ensure that RUSU complies with its Memorandum and Articles of Association (constitution), Charity Law and any other laws that apply to its activities.

RUSU Trustees need to ensure that:

  • they make balanced and adequately informed decisions;
  • they avoid putting themselves in positions where there is a conflict of interest; and
  • they do not receive any benefit from the charity unless it is properly authorised and clearly in the interests of the charity.

RUSU Trustees must act responsibly, reasonably and honestly to ensure that:

  • RUSU’s assets are only used to support the work of the charity;
  • No inappropriate risks are taken that may negatively affect RUSU’s assets or reputation
  • RUSU is not over committed in terms of resources;
  • RUSU carefully considers any investment or borrowing; and
  • RUSU complies with any restrictions attached to its funds.

RUSU Trustees should use their skills and experience and take appropriate advice where necessary. They should also ensure that they dedicate enough time, thought and energy to the role.

RUSU Trustees must:

  • be able to demonstrate that RUSU is complying with the law, that it is well run and effective;
  • ensure that RUSU is accountable to its members; and
  • maintain responsibility for any authority delegated to staff, volunteers or sub committees.