Become a Student Trustee

We are looking for enthusiastic, reliable and approachable students to fill our Student Trustee positions in 2019/20.

If you have an interest in benefitting Reading students and learning more about how the Students' Union and Charities are run, then this role is perfect for you. You'll develop invaluable skills to increase your employability whilst ensuring students are properly heard and represented.

The role is voluntary and open to all students. You must be student in the 2018/19 academic year and remain a student during the 2019/20 academic year, you can apply for one of our two appointed positions.

What is RUSU's Trustee Board?

The Trustee Board is the governing body of the charity. The overall role of the Board is to ensure that the Union is well run, meeting its aims and working within the law and the RUSU constitution.

What is a Student Trustee?

Student Trustees sit on the Trustee Board for RUSU and have the same rights and responsibilities as the other members of the Trustee Board (including full-time officers). Student Trustees are not involved in the day to day running of the Students' Union, but take an overview of how the Union is performing, both financially and in delivering services to students.

  • Contributing to the strategic leadership of a registered charity.
  • Ensuring RUSU is operating in the best interests of students.
  • Monitoring RUSU's progress against strategic aims and objectives.
  • Monitoring the financial performance of RUSU to ensure it remains financially secure and accountable.
  • Monitoring the performance of Full Time Officers and holding them to account.
  • Attending approximately 5 Trustee Board meetings a year.
  • Attending any sub-committee meetings to which you are appointed.
  • Reading through materials and papers in advance of Trustee Board meetings.
  • Keeping in regular contact by email and phone with the Chair of the Trustee Board (RUSU President) and other Trustees to be able to provide real-time feedback when queries and issues arise.
  • Participating in Trustee Board meeting debate and discussion, using your knowledge and experience to represent the views of the student body.
  • Attending the RUSU Annual Student Meeting, where an annual report will be presented and to the student body.
  • Promoting the role of Student Trustee throughout the year and elections period.
  • A career-enhancing opportunity to direct a multi-million pound charity representing around 17,000 students.
  • Making a positive impact in RUSU and contributing to decisions that will create a better experience for Reading students.
  • Understanding and learning about organisational governance, such as strategic planning, account management and Charity law.
  • Learning and practicing transferrable skills in a professional board setting.
  • Opportunities to sit on financial, appointments and appeals subcommittees and to chair meetings.
  • Amazing experience for any career, but especially for management, law, politics, finance, business, consultancy, accountancy, human resources and public relations.

Apply now for a position

Two of the Student Trustee positions are appointed.

Applications for the appointed Student Trustees are not open yet. RUSU will appoint these positions during Summer term 2019.

Stand in an election for a position

Two of the Student Trustee positions are elected.

RUSU will hold elections for these positions in Spring term 2019. Take a look at RUSU's elections to find out key dates and how to nominate yourself for one of the two elected positions.

Any questions about the roles?

If you have any questions, please contact Jason Dabydoyal, RUSU President or contact the current Student Trustees at