JCR Awards

Our JCR Awards celebrate the achievements made by our JCR Committees and members in the past academic year.

Student Experience Awards

Nominations for the JCR Awards 2018/19 are closed. Please join us for the Student Experience Awards on Wednesday 1st May 2019 in 3sixty.

Award categories

JCR Committee Member of the Year
2018/19 Winner: Ally Tilley

An individual who has shown commitment and dedication to their role in the JCR and gone above and beyond to engage with the residents to improve the student experience in hall.

JCR Welfare Campaign of the Year
2018/19 Winner: St Georges

This award will recognise a welfare campaign that has clearly demonstrated an understanding of the welfare issues in hall in addition to showing commitment and dedication to spreading a positive message within the hall community to enhance the welfare of students.

JCR President of the Year
2018/19 Winner: Justine Arif

This award will recognise a JCR President who has demonstrated exceptional commitment to improving the student experience in hall by showing great leadership and initiative throughout the year, engaging with their committee and hall residents.

Most Improved JCR
2018/19 Winner: Stenton Hall

This committee will have demonstrated clear improvement and development throughout the year by increasing engagement with hall residents and running inclusive events.

JCR of the Year
2018/19 Winner: Wantage Hall

This award will recognise a JCR committee that has had an exceptional impact towards improving the student experience. This committee will have devoted their time towards creating an inclusive and enjoyable space in halls for students to become part of a community, by running events and initiatives for all.