Student Experience Awards

Our Student Experience Awards celebrate the achievements made by our individual reps such as Part-Time Officers, Academic Reps and Student Voice Members; they also recognise students who have been involved in campaigns and causes, or students who have been involved in diverse or inclusive events or initiatives, as well as issue-based student campaigners or lobbyists who have made an impact on campus or in the local community, in the Union, the University or further afield.

Student Experience Awards

Nominations for the Student Experience Awards 2020/21 are now open!

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Nominations close on the 26th March 2021, at 3pm.


This award will recognise a Course Rep who has gone above and beyond to represent students on their course, helping to make their academic experience the best it can be.

This award will recognise a Senior Rep who has gone above and beyond to represent students within their school, helping to make their academic experience the best it can be.

2019/20 Winner - Djihane Breteche

‘Djihane used her own initiative to apply for funding from the AS Awards and was successful in receiving funds to help set up a seminar series for students. This was a brand new and innovative idea that captured students' imaginations. She had approximately 50 people attend her first event, which she spoke at and then ran an hour long wellbeing workshop.’

This award will recognise an Academic Rep who has introduced a new and/or different way of representing their students. An innovative Rep might have come up with a unique solution to a problem or implemented an exciting new idea to increase student engagement across their course or school.

2019/20 Winner - Matthew Gilbert

‘Matthew has been a dedicated Rep for all three years of his degree, working hard to gather as much feedback as possible and make change for current students and those to come. He has juggled his own workload with the ever increasing responsibilities of a School Rep and has helped pave the way for future Reps through sitting on panels and committees.’

This award will recognise an Academic Rep who has demonstrated exceptional commitment to representing students over a prolonged period of time. This student has continuously and consistently worked to improve the student experience. They have volunteered countless hours to help benefit others, working closely with RUSU to better the quality of teaching and learning at UoR.

Volunteering & Fundraising

2019/20 Winner - Cait Pilkington

‘Cait’s motivation and dedication to fundraising has pushed RAG forward a huge amount this year. RAG events like the auction and the challenges are a big part of student life and wouldn't happen without a determined team behind them. She manages to balance the drive to raise money with the need to keep the fundraising enjoyable for the students.’

This award will recognise an individual that has gone above and beyond to fundraise for charity throughout the year.

2019/20 Winner - Charlotte Hyde

‘Charlotte has proven to be the best representative of students with disabilities in her PTO role, her passion is contagious! It's this, along with her dedication and overall attitude that I believe have led to many successes this past year. She's a very active member of RUSU and is very approachable. I really respect her and what she's achieved!’

This award will celebrate an individual that has gone above and beyond in their volunteer role. This student consistently dedicates their time to volunteering, having a positive impact on all they do.

This award will recognise a volunteer initiative that has had a consistent positive impact, helped along by a group of dedicated students.

2019/20 Winner - University of Monsters

‘The students leading the University of Monsters days experience great pride in their University as they are able to share it with others. The leaders gain skills in leadership, working with children, organisation and safeguarding.’

This award will recognise a project that has positively impacted the local Reading community, through outreach and/or engagement.

Diversity & Inclusion

This award will be given to a student group or individual student for their efforts in organising an initiative that focuses on striving for equality and/or celebrates diversity and inclusion

This award will be given to a student for their campaign work related to creating an inclusive and liberating environment

2019/20 Winner - LGBT Society Committee

‘Leo Bowman, Josh Forman, and Henry Mispelaere have worked consistently alongside RUSU to support LGBQ and Trans students on campus in the absence of a trans officer. A notable example includes working on Transgender Day of Remembrance, with Leo confidently and bravely talking at the flag raising event in front of staff and students alike.’

This award will be given where a student group, or individual student has shown initiative and drive to diversify an aspect of student life where not previously done before.

JCR & Welfare

This award will recognise an individual who has shown commitment and dedication to their role as a Halls Rep and gone above and beyond to engage with the residents to improve the student experience in halls.

2019/20 Winner - Sport in Mind

‘Sport in Mind’s approach of using physical activity to help promote self-care and positive mental health is very uplifting and of great benefit to many students on campus. The group are incredibly well organised and help to boost the student experience by providing opportunities to all.’

This award will recognise a welfare campaign, event or project that has helped to promote positive wellbeing within the student community at Reading.

This award will recognise an individual who has made a consistent contribution to maintaining a positive environment on campus and beyond, either by providing continued support to friends, promoting positive mental health initiatives, or giving up their time to support welfare events and initiatives.

Democracy & Sustainability

2019/20 Winner - Julie Xiao

‘Julie is extremely reliable and has fulfilled her duties as a student voice member by turning up to all meetings. Julie has ensured that sport is given a voice and is well represented and has been really beneficial in ensuring the thoughts of sporty students are brought to the table.’

This award will recognise an individual who has shown commitment and dedication to their role as Student Voice Member, communicating with RUSU staff and students on matters relating to Student Voice, fully participating in meetings and has gone above and beyond to engage with democratic functions within the Union.

2019/20 Winner - Zero Waste Society’s Clothes Swap

‘Sustainability can often be seen as expensive and hard to achieve. Zero Waste’s clothes swap events have made sustainability inclusive and accessible to all students. It has provided students with an easy way to become more sustainable whilst also bringing our community together.’

This award will recognise a student-led sustainability initiative with a positive effect on the student experience. The initiative may have been a campaign or event that was educational, fun, and ethically sound.

2019/20 Winner - Rish Rajput

‘Rish has been a placement student this year for communication in student services. Rish has consistently got involved in opportunities to communicate better to students to ensure they are aware of what they can get involved in whilst at University. Rish will go above and beyond to attend meetings where he can represent the student voice.’

This award will recognise a student who has made an outstanding impact towards improving the student experience. This student will have devoted their time towards making an important or significant change which has enhanced student’s daily experiences at University of Reading.