Student Experience Awards

Our Student Experience Awards celebrate the achievements made by our individual reps such as Part-Time Officers, Academic Reps and Student Voice Members; they also recognise students who have been involved in campaigns and causes, or students who have been involved in diverse or inclusive events or initiatives, as well as issue-based student campaigners or lobbyists who have made an impact on campus or in the local community, in the Union, the University or further afield.

Student Experience Awards

Nominations for the 2021/2 Student Experience Awards are now closed - thank you to everyone who nominated! The Student Experience Awards 2021/2 took place on the evening of the 27th April. Congratulations to all the nominees and winners!



This award will recognise a Course Rep who has gone above and beyond to represent students on their course, helping to make their academic experience the best it can be.

2021/22 Winner: Sarah Giles

Sarah has done a fantastic job navigating the pressure of handling our concerns and lobbying staff for more support. For example, today we received our exam timetable with exams before revision classes. Within half an hour, Sarah had listened to our opinions and then emailed department staff to attempt to find a resolution to this issue.

This award will recognise a Senior Rep who has gone above and beyond to represent students within their school, helping to make their academic experience the best it can be.

2021/22 Winners: Oscar Minto

Oscar has been a fantastic senior rep. He has gone above and beyond in supporting the course rep team, creating the framework for rep surveys and helping to send them to ensure every student has the opportunity to give feedback. He also helps draft the SSP agenda and chair the SSP, encouraging feedback and focusing on core student issues/themes.

This award will recognise an Academic Rep who has introduced a new and/or different way of representing their students. An innovative Rep might have come up with a unique solution to a problem or implemented an exciting new idea to increase student engagement across their course or school.

2021/22 Winner: Shruthi Kanthayapalem

Sense of belonging is something students have greatly struggled with over the pandemic and its great that Shruthi is actively working to increase this. It shows dedication, conscientious thinking and showing initiative on her part, and also great engagement from a PG Senior Rep that really wants to make a difference and lasting impact whilst here

This award will recognise an Academic Rep who has demonstrated exceptional commitment to representing students over a prolonged period of time. This student has continuously and consistently worked to improve the student experience. They have volunteered countless hours to help benefit others, working closely with RUSU to better the quality of teaching and learning at UoR.

2021/22 Winner: Oscar Minto

He is an exemplary example of what a Rep should be and it has been inspiring seeing how his innovative thinking and proactive hard work over the past three years has paid off. He's remained positive, engaged and diligent in his role across a difficult time and I'm sure that Law staff and students would agree that he's truly deserving of an award

Volunteering & Fundraising

This award will recognise an individual that has gone above and beyond to fundraise for charity throughout the year.

2021/22 Winner: Men's Football

They organised a fundraiser event during the spiking incidents in collaboration with Girls Night In campaign. It was impactful to see how many students got engaged with this, particularly male students in an issue that was predominantly female.

This award will celebrate an individual that has gone above and beyond in their volunteer role. This student consistently dedicates their time to volunteering, having a positive impact on all they do.

2021/22 Winner: Debra Page 

It is a difficult task not just committing oneself regularly amidst all the demands as a postgraduate student, but also managing the various volunteers' schedules as well. Debra's perseverance and dedication is truly an inspiration.

This award will recognise a volunteer initiative that has had a consistent positive impact, helped along by a group of dedicated students.

2021/22 Winner: REMS

REMS were able to bring together students from across university to help raise awareness and collect valuable items for refugees during the start of the academic year. They have volunteered so much of their time towards this project and allowed other to help get involved too by donating time to collect items, drivers to deliver them and organisers.

This award will recognise a project that has positively impacted the local Reading community, through outreach and/or engagement.

2021/22 Winner: Community Champions- Sheldon Allen, Saif Maher, and Martina Mabale De Burgos)

The community walkabout event was a huge success and was a lovely way to get out into the community at the start of the year. Not only was it a great way to get out in the community meeting students but it also strengthened community relations with the local non-student population and showed that RUSU/UoR are trying to make improvements where poss

Diversity & Inclusion

This award will be given to a student group or individual student for their efforts in organising an initiative that focuses on striving for equality and/or celebrates diversity and inclusion

2021/22 Winner: Ari Pascual

Ari has always prioritised inclusivity and diversity within her role as women's officer to help address stigmatised issues like international student access to support, trans student representation and other minority groups of women. She is eager to learn from student's feedback to constantly improve the support that she can provide for students.

This award will be given where a student group, or individual student has shown initiative and drive to diversify an aspect of student life where not previously done before.

2021/22 Winner: Ruth Adeniyi

Ruth has actively done a lot of work within the EDI space, she wanted to make sure diverse groups were represented at trustee board level so she applied for that role. She has hosted events, spoke publicly about mental health and encouraged others to more involved/be more inclusive.


This award will recognise a welfare campaign, event or project that has helped to promote positive wellbeing within the student community at Reading.

2021/22 Winner: Girls Night In

The Girls Night In campaign was a huge success. Taking the initiative to launch a social media presence and provide UoR students with the space to access resources, share concerns and feel supported fully supported students' welfare and their openness to work with RUSU and provide insight into student perspective was invaluable.

This award will recognise an individual who has made a consistent contribution to maintaining a positive environment on campus and beyond, either by providing continued support to friends, promoting positive mental health initiatives, or giving up their time to support welfare events and initiatives.

2021/22 Winner: Ari Pascual 

Aaron has worked tirelessly to ensure the well-being of students across both FTT and English as well as the students in the singer-songwriter society. She has also worked tirelessly as the part time woman’s officer To ensure the well-being of all across campus

Democracy & Sustainability

This award will recognise an individual who has shown commitment and dedication to their role as Student Voice Member, communicating with RUSU staff and students on matters relating to Student Voice, fully participating in meetings and has gone above and beyond to engage with democratic functions within the Union.

2020/21 Winner: Taylor Boyd

Talor has been super engaged as a SV Member this year. She is quick to speak up and offer arguments both for an against ideas, whether they are her own views or considered perspectives that others would share. Each argument raised has been well thought out and it's evident she often speaks from a place of understanding, sharing her own experiences Not only has

This award will recognise a student-led sustainability initiative with a positive effect on the student experience. The initiative may have been a campaign or event that was educational, fun, and ethically sound.

2021/22 Winner: Marie Vandame

Marie sourced her props and costumes in a sustainable way; looking through charity shops, asking cast for things they already owned and making an eco-sceongraphic set. Not only this, but she raised an enormous amount for charity!

This award will recognise a student who has made an outstanding impact towards improving the student experience. This student will have devoted their time towards making an important or significant change which has enhanced student’s daily experiences at University of Reading.

2020/21 Winner: Miranda Roberts

Miranda would have been a deserved winner of lots of these awards categories and therefore would be a stand out candidate for winning outstanding impact. She's attended most RUSU events this year, supporting others in their work and making sure that the voices of those not in attendance are still shared and going above and beyond in her SR role.