Student Experience Awards

Our Student Experience Awards celebrate the achievements made by our individual reps such as Part-Time Officers, Academic Reps and Student Voice Members; they also recognise students who have been involved in campaigns and causes, or students who have been involved in diverse or inclusive events or initiatives, as well as issue-based student campaigners or lobbyists who have made an impact on campus or in the local community, in the Union, the University or further afield.

Student Experience Awards

Nominations for the Student Experience Awards 2020/21 are now closed.

Nominations for the Student Experience Awards 2021/22 are expected to open in the Autumn term, so keep your eyes peeled!


This award will recognise a Course Rep who has gone above and beyond to represent students on their course, helping to make their academic experience the best it can be.

2020/21 Winner: Leilani Davis

Leilani has provided excellent student leadership in supporting the transition to blended/online learning this year. She cares deeply about her fellow students and brings her full energy to enhancing the student experience as course rep and in staff-student partnerships. She reflects carefully about how best to represent her cohort and also provides important support and guidance for other student reps.

This award will recognise a Senior Rep who has gone above and beyond to represent students within their school, helping to make their academic experience the best it can be.

2020/21 Winners: Lucia Martin and Amy Roodenberg

Amy has worked so hard and throughout this academic year she has unfailingly passed on everybody’s concerns and fought for students’ representation and answers to questions, always with a positive outlook and optimism!

Lucia has made a phenomenal contribution to the school; her positivity, professionalism & dedication have been impressive. She is professional, pragmatic, warm and caring & uses these strengths to influence, inform positive change and occasionally to re-align expectations.

This award will recognise an Academic Rep who has introduced a new and/or different way of representing their students. An innovative Rep might have come up with a unique solution to a problem or implemented an exciting new idea to increase student engagement across their course or school.

2020/21 Winner: Oscar Minto

Oscar has been so proactive in his role as Senior Rep this year and with the blended learning approach has worked hard to find new ways of collecting feedback as well as finding solutions for issues. He often shares his best practice in meetings and ensures that students are kept as up to date as possible with 'you said, this happened' posters.

This award will recognise an Academic Rep who has demonstrated exceptional commitment to representing students over a prolonged period of time. This student has continuously and consistently worked to improve the student experience. They have volunteered countless hours to help benefit others, working closely with RUSU to better the quality of teaching and learning at UoR.

2020/21 Winner: Lucia Martin

Lucia has been such a dedicated and conscientious rep over the past three years, always speaking up for students and working hard to create an inclusive community within the Course Reps and the wider student body in her school. She has always engaged in meetings and focus groups etc. and has really excelled in her role as a Rep, building her personal development as well as improving the student experience for all.

Volunteering & Fundraising

This award will recognise an individual that has gone above and beyond to fundraise for charity throughout the year.

2020/21 Winner: Grace Loweth

Grace has organised two incredibly successful fundraising events over the past two terms, raising a total of around £1500, with Bingo - RAG's in-person event this year - selling out twice. Without Grace, our partner charities would be receiving very little this year and she's helped boost RAG's reputation to different groups across the university. She is a hard-working, extremely positive person who is well-deserving of this award. Without her, RAG would not have raised anywhere near the amount of money they've raised this year and she truly helped some great causes.

This award will celebrate an individual that has gone above and beyond in their volunteer role. This student consistently dedicates their time to volunteering, having a positive impact on all they do.

2020/21 Winner: Sheldon Allen

Sheldon consistently volunteers his time to improve the student experience, as a member of different societies and a student trustee. He always puts students first, and is a shining example of everything a volunteer should be. Sheldon deserves recognition for all of the time he has dedicated to voluntary initiatives this year.

This award will recognise a volunteer initiative that has had a consistent positive impact, helped along by a group of dedicated students.

2020/21 Winner: RAG’s Easter Egg Appeal/Christmas Donation Boxes

In their Easter Egg appeal & Christmas donation boxes, RAG have been working hard to better the relationship between students and the local community, with accessible ways to get involved. They deserve this recognition for raising awareness and fostering a sense of community spirit between students whether currently in Reading or not.

This award will recognise a project that has positively impacted the local Reading community, through outreach and/or engagement.

2020/21 Winner: RUSOC – Reading Uni Students Off Campus

A new society for this year, RUSOC are dedicated to increasing community engagement, decreasing student stigma, working closely with other students and creating a meaningful impact in the local community. With lockdowns and restrictions in place this year, it’s been hard for them to achieve as much as they’d have liked but they have still created innovative ways to engage students, including a Christmas card making workshop (with the cards being sent to to local care homes) and have done a lot of work behind the scenes.

Diversity & Inclusion

This award will be given to a student group or individual student for their efforts in organising an initiative that focuses on striving for equality and/or celebrates diversity and inclusion

2020/21 Winner: Chris Dobson

Chris is dedicated to representing the views of mature students and works to improve their student experience. He works hard to fulfil his role as Mature Students' Officer alongside his studies. Chris has been a fantastic representative this year and is fully deserving of recognition.

This award will be given to a student for their campaign work related to creating an inclusive and liberating environment

2020/21 Winner: Konstantina Nouka

Konstantina has continued to promote accessibility on campus through her work on the sunflower lanyard scheme, Disability History Month, and Eating Disorder Awareness Week. Alongside this, she has supported the Diversity Officer in their submission towards the University's Access & Participation Plan. Konstantina continues to work hard and is fully deserving of this recognition!

This award will be given where a student group, or individual student has shown initiative and drive to diversify an aspect of student life where not previously done before.

2020/21 Winner: Ruth Adeniyi

As the BAME Students’ Part-time Officer, Ruth has helped to provide a large range of new and interesting opportunities for the community. She has also been a friendly presence which has allowed for inclusion and support. It is clear she very passionate about her role, and utilises her position effectively.

JCR & Welfare

This award will recognise a welfare campaign, event or project that has helped to promote positive wellbeing within the student community at Reading.

2020/21 Winner: Politics and International Relations Society Committee

The committee have collectively enhanced student experience for the society and the wider community by introducing an initiative called Welfare Wednesdays. Thought of and planned out by the President, and executed by the Welfare Officer, every Wednesday the committee check in on their members, provide them with positive activities, and host welfare oriented events.

This award will recognise an individual who has made a consistent contribution to maintaining a positive environment on campus and beyond, either by providing continued support to friends, promoting positive mental health initiatives, or giving up their time to support welfare events and initiatives.

2020/21 Winner: Denis Persichini

Denis is a true kind and caring soul. The sheer lengths he would go to in helping people to enhance positive being, making sure everyone's voices are heard and ensuring everyone is happy in their University experience is so commendable.

Democracy & Sustainability

This award will recognise an individual who has shown commitment and dedication to their role as Student Voice Member, communicating with RUSU staff and students on matters relating to Student Voice, fully participating in meetings and has gone above and beyond to engage with democratic functions within the Union.

2020/21 Winner: Emma-Elizabeth de Mecquenem Clarke

Emma-Elizabeth consistently speaks up for what she believes at Student Voice and is a great member of the team.

This award will recognise a student-led sustainability initiative with a positive effect on the student experience. The initiative may have been a campaign or event that was educational, fun, and ethically sound.

2020/21 Winner: Hedgehog Friendly Campus

Ran by the wonderful Laura, this initiative has aimed to make Reading's campus as hedgehog friendly as possible. Laura has worked throughout this challenging time to ensure our ecological impact remains at the forefront of our agenda.

This award will recognise a student who has made an outstanding impact towards improving the student experience. This student will have devoted their time towards making an important or significant change which has enhanced student’s daily experiences at University of Reading.

2020/21 Winner: @dlc_reading Instagram Page

The innovative content on the page has not only created a huge sense of community within the study abroad students but also the whole department, staff included. There’s a huge variety of content that covers both the social side of the student experience but also provides motivational tips for studying and alumni stories and experiences to help with their university experience and personal development going forward.