Monterey Lounge

Monterey Lounge is our flexible social space and extension to Mojo’s Bar and Mondial. It’s the best place in RUSU to come to in order to relax and unwind. The bright comfy furniture, chilled atmosphere and meadow view, make this an ideal spot to pick up a Starbucks mid-morning, or kick back during your lunch break and some food from either Starbucks or Mojos.

Each and every week during term time, Monterey holds a variety of events. Every week on Thursday evenings Monterey open up alongside Mojos Bar in order to host our ever popular Quiz and Karaoke night, attracting loads of competing students. What better way to meet the students you’ll be living and studying with over the next few years. The area also becomes our much loved Cheese/Party room on our renowned Wednesday and Saturday Union nights.